Epic of World Saga, Ep 3: The Thing in the Ruin, Part 2

Here’s the long-awaited conclusion to the thrilling, terrifying The Thing in the Ruin! You only need to press ‘play’ to find out who makes it out alive…or in one piece. Enjoy!


Epic Pulp Covers #20: Fantastic Adventures (September 1947)

Welcome to our blog series Epic Pulp Covers. Every Friday, we post one classic pulp magazine cover that, for one reason or another, catches our fancy. Why? Because we simply adore these old periodicals, inside and out. You’ll always find something of their spirit within the heart and soul of every EOWS production. 

This week’s choice (courtesy of Mae)? Fantastic Adventures from September 1947.

Fantastic Adventures (September 1947)


  • Awwww, this is a great illustration! So interesting! So evocative!
  • Elena looks surprisingly lifelike, doesn’t she? And glamorous, like something out of a Hollywood movie. This actually DOES seem kind of familiar. Hmmm. Oh, right!
  • Just gonna put this link here, okay? (Normally, I wouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source, but this isn’t a research paper AND the entry in question tells you what you need to know.)

Come back next Friday for another episode of Epic Pulp Covers.

Benjamin Banneker Returns!


In a few days, Benjamin Banneker Jr. takes on one of his wiliest foes. 

Victory is anything but assured.

Failure is written on every page.

Will Benjamin rise to the occasion and defeat the most seasoned of villains?

Can he?

Tune in for Epic of World Saga Episode 3: The Thing in the Ruin, part 1.