[Major Hap Hazard’s Atomic-Powered Transceiver of Time on a Moon!] Mystery Theater

Originally broadcast on the CBS Radio Network

Series run: 1974-1982

No. of episodes: 1399


First, there is narration:

Narrator: The CBS Radio Mystery Theater presents …

And then, sound:

A large door handle is opened, followed by the agonized groan of ancient hinges which haven’t seen oil since before you were born.

And, finally, there is EG Marshall.

“Come in,” he bids us, then, after a pause, “Welcome. I’m E.G. Marshall.”

Mystery Theater was a 45-minute long show that ran on the CBS radio network from 1974 to 1982. Though the title and opening indicate ominous adventures through horror and the macabre, the show would sometimes serve up episodes from multiple genres, ranging from historical fiction to sci-fi. Marshall, star of stage, screen, and TV, hosted the show from it’s debut until February of 1982, when Tammy Grimes took over his duty of getting the audience good ‘n’ creeped out.

We here at our UMB (Unnamed Moon Base) from which we rip these venerable gems from the icy grip of Old Man Space-Time Continuum are proud to present The Haunted Mill (AKA The Corpse Light), provided once again by the reliable Horror Radio Shows and Creepy Tales. As Marshall bade us at the end of every program, as the eldritch moaned to a close, “Pleasant … dreams.”




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