[Major Hap Hazard’s Atomic-Powered Transceiver of Time on a Moon!] CBS Radio Mystery Theater

The Summer People

Air Date:  10/24/1975

It’s our policy here at our Unnamed Moon Base standing on tippy-toe at the very lip of the time-space continuum to let you, our faithful listener, know when they’re getting into creepy territory. There are themes bandied about in today’s episode of CBSRMT that don’t just stray into said territory, they winter there in tastefully appointed timeshare condos. A married couple look for a nice vacation spot, but upon finding an idyllic town find, they discover that their Mayberry-like surroundings mightn’t be as pleasant as they’d hoped. Things get increasingly grim toward the ending, and, not to spoil things, but the ending don’t get un-grimmer.

Edge of Nightfall was kind enough to present us with this stroll into the macabre, The Summer People. Pleasant … dreammms.






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