Major Hap Hazard’s Atomic-Powered Transceiver of Time on a Moon!

Epic of World Saga wouldn’t exist if not for the work of writers, directors, actors, and entertainers who forged a path from the then-young medium of radio that we so casually stroll down today. Once a month, starting in May, we’re going to pay tribute to those creators and their works with reviews of classic sci-fi, mystery, and adventure radio shows. Whether you’re a fan of classic radio theater or have never had the pleasure of hearing these sojourns into imagination, be sure to strap in every month and hang on tight, as we delve into pioneering shows like X-1, Suspense, and CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Look for our first mooncast on May 4th.


Welcome to our universe. Please wipe your feet.

The universe. Endless.  Boundless. Infinite.

But it doesn’t go on forever.

Like a ball of twine made from the essence of existence, like a big balloon animal twisting over again and again, the universe folds itself in ways that mere humanity cannot detect.

But at least one human can.

His name is Benjamin Banneker II. He’s a scientist and adventurer from the late 18th century. Using the otherworldly miracle of fold-threshold technology, he travels the cosmos in a tireless quest to abolish slavery and topple tyrants of all shapes, sizes, and species.

With his genius intellect, a collection of eccentric super-agents, the Bondbreakers, and his powerful FLINT Lock energy pistol, Benjamin matches wits with megalomaniacs and monsters in Epic of World Saga, a new, monthly audio adventure from Loud Tie Productions.

The doors to new worlds of adventure are opening. You coming?