Epic of World Saga, Ep 3: The Thing in the Ruin, Part 2

Here’s the long-awaited conclusion to the thrilling, terrifying The Thing in the Ruin! You only need to press ‘play’ to find out who makes it out alive…or in one piece. Enjoy!


Introducing The Connected Worlds Podcast, Our Behind-the-Scenes Look at All Things Epic of World Saga

If you’re not sure what Epic of World Saga (EoWS) is, or whether it’s worth your time, then The Connected Worlds Podcast is just what you need. It’s a behind-the-scenes podcast for EoWS. In the first episode, we discuss how our audio adventure started/ where we hope to take it, and tell you a bit about the two main characters. It’s also pretty funny, so you totally should give it a listen.

You can check it out on YouTube!

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