Epic of World Saga, Ep 3: The Thing in the Ruin, Part 2

Here’s the long-awaited conclusion to the thrilling, terrifying The Thing in the Ruin! You only need to press ‘play’ to find out who makes it out alive…or in one piece. Enjoy!


New Episode Alert! New Episode Alert! Epic of World Saga, Ep. 3: The Thing in the Ruin, Part 1

Benjamin Banneker is trapped under thousands of tons of rubble – and he’s not alone.

Will he make it out alive? 

Benjamin Banneker Returns!


In a few days, Benjamin Banneker Jr. takes on one of his wiliest foes. 

Victory is anything but assured.

Failure is written on every page.

Will Benjamin rise to the occasion and defeat the most seasoned of villains?

Can he?

Tune in for Epic of World Saga Episode 3: The Thing in the Ruin, part 1.

The Connected Worlds Podcast: Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Connected Worlds podcast is up on YouTube and Castos. Woot woot. We had to work through considerable technical difficulties to get this baby recorded. It’s the first one we’ve done while living on separate continents. We expected to encounter a few problems, but nothing to this extent. In this ep, we discuss the writing process both in general and how it relates to EoWS scripts.

Thanks for listening! 

Behind-the-Scenes: It’s Podcast Day!

We’re recording another behind-the-scenes podcast today! This one is going to be challenging from a technical standpoint, as one of us is in North America while the other is in Asia. 

Let’s get this party started

We’ll muddle through, though, as this is 2018! The ep should be up in a few days.