Epic Pulp Covers #21: Super Science Stories (November 1941)

Welcome to our blog series Epic Pulp Covers. Every Friday, we post one classic pulp magazine cover that, for one reason or another, catches our fancy. Why? Because we simply adore these old periodicals, inside and out. You’ll always find something of their spirit within the heart and soul of every EOWS production. 

This week’s choice (courtesy of Kev)? Super Science Stories from November 1941.

Super Science Stories (November 1941)


  • Defeat means an unimaginable death. Victory means good eatin’ for months.
  • Big machinery, glowing energy balls, and a sword. Now, that’s my kind of future!
  • The art for this cover is credited to Robert C. Sherry.

Come back next Friday for another episode of Epic Pulp Covers.

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